Easy Slow Cooker Southwest Chicken Recipe

  • Servings : 2-5
  • Prep Time : 15m
  • Cook Time : 6:00 h
  • Ready In : 6:15 h

Easy Slow Cooker Southwest Chicken Recipe:

Here’s a straight forward Easy Slow Cooker Southwest Chicken Recipe for boned skinless miss hapenness that you just will build right within the slow cooking utensil. This easy recipe is an exquisite south-western. Combination of ingredients together with corn, condiment and beans. This hearty meal can quickly become one among-st your favorites. These Easy Chicken Recipes and slow cooker recipes are becoming famous time to time.

This easy recipe uses some terribly basic ingredients. Incredibly straight forward to form. It is the proper easy recipe for a weekend afternoon. You will be able to build enough to own leftovers for one or two of days. Use quality boned skinless chicken breasts. Easy recipe from your native merchandiser. You will be able to modify the spiciness level by the condiment you selected. This step is simple – simply choose your favorite. Several supermarkets have do it yourself condiment. You just will use and these area units continuously wonderful. You’ll be able to actually use common brands or perhaps cause you to own. For your weeknights this recipe is best idea for healthy and dinner. Use fresh bone less and skin less chicken.

You can additionally give a contribution contemporary inexperienced, Yellow and Red peppers, Onions, garlic or others varieties of canned beans – the selection is your. The easy recipe ingredient list can get you started with the fundamentals, you’ll be able to take it from there. Kids also love to east healthy food. You can serve to your guests


  • 2-4 boned skinless chicken breasts
  • 1 will of drained kernel corn
  • 1 jar of your favorite condiment
  • 1 will of black beans - drained


Step 1

Place beans, corn and 1/2 the condiment in your slow cooking utensil. Mix well.

Step 2

Add boned skinless chicken breasts and canopy with remaining condiment.

Step 3

Cover chicken with remaining condiment.

Step 4

Set slow cooking utensil to low and cook for 6-8 hours.

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