Top 25 Best Food and Cooking Recipe Blogs

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Food 52

Best Food and Cooking Recipe Blogs


Today, the web is crowded with thousands of top best food and cooking recipe blogs. Top or best food and cooking recipe blogs trends for quick and easy recipes and healthy food ideas are never going to come to halt. Every now and then, new food trends and quick and easy recipes always come up and anyone who is so much into the food universe finds something to enjoy. The internet has become the best place to search for all the food trends and recipes. The food enthusiasts who are in the food and cooking blogosphere always have something to tell their audience. This number is literally growing to tens of thousands. If you are looking for the best recipes you are always want to find those that are truly the best.

How can you find the best food and cooking recipe blogs on the web? Perhaps you already have your favorite blogs, but remember the food blogosphere is always changing and new things keep one coming up. Here I want to make your searching work easier for you. I have prepared a list 25 best food and cooking recipe blogs that will surely rock your food universe.

1. Sprouted Kitchen:

sprouted kitchen

This is a blog that is run a by husband and wife, Sarah and Hugh Forte. Sprouted Kitchen is actually one of the healthy best food and cooking recipe blogs that has a lot of emphasis on produce. In fact, in most of the bogs and recipes are vegetarian. Healthy eating is always great and it is in fact the best lifestyle that is recommended by all nutritionists. Sprouted Kitchen is very ideal for those who want to know much about the vegetarian recipes. This blog provides very informative posts and recipes on healthy eating and how to prepare the best foods that can be go to everyone. For healthy best food and cooking recipe blogs Sprouted Kitchen is just an amazing place to be.

2. Food 52:

Food 52

If you don’t believe that home cooking is not complicated you should consider making Food 52 your favorite best food and cooking recipe blogs. Food 52 has a lot of information on recipes and everyone is always there to learn something about home cooking. This amazing blog was founded by two people, Amanda Hesser who happens to be a New York Times Magazine writer and Merrill Stubbs. These founders decided to name it Foo 52 simple because of the weekly contents that usually hold, and we all know that a year has 52 weeks, thus their weekly contests run for the whole of the year. They are very inventive in terms of recipes and you just can exhaust their new recipes. If you are real foodie, Food 52 provides you with an opportunity to answer food related question on their Hotline page.

3. Smitten Kitchen:

Smitten Kitchen

This is a great food and cooking blog that has a web presence since the early 2000s. For the long period that this blog has been in the food blogosphere, a vast food experience must be part of it. Probably due to this experience there is alt that you can learn from Smitten Kitchen. Additionally, this blog has featured on Martha Stewart show and others. Often the ingredients that are used here are very and all their recipes can be easily accessible. Just be sure to be surprised when you open the site.

4. Ambitious Kitchen:

Ambitious Kitchen

Ambitious Kitchen is one of the great and best food and cooking recipe blogs that focuses more on healthy eating. This blog is characterised with a lot of creativity and delicious recipes. If you would want to learn how to bake from scratch then Ambitious Kitchen is just the best place for you. this blog was funded by Monique who states that her goal is to provide everyone with the healthy foods that are designed to suit and even add up to your healthy lifestyle. Here you will learn very unique and creative ways that you can combine different flavors to attain a very delicious meal in your kitchen. Ambitious Kitchen shows that it is very possible to adopt a healthy lifestyle with the healthy eating recipes.

5. Shockingly Delicious:

Shockingly Delicious

Do you want to learn hot to be very good in your kitchen? Shockingly Delicious will absolutely make you a star in your kitchen. Being a food and cooking blog that was founded by the Dorothy Reinhold who is long time recipe developer, there is a lot of amazing stuff here. The recipes includes tips and coaching that you can follow and eventually you will come to realize that you are now very fabulous in your kitchen. Dorothy describes her recipes as scary good recipes, this is probably because here recipes are very unique and they are determined to improve your skills in the kitchen. Shockingly Delicious has a several categories of best food and cooking recipe blogs that will make your search very easy on the blog.

6. Chocolate Covered Katie:

chocolate Covered Katie

As the name of the blog goes, Katie is the founder who happens to be a self-proclaimed chocolate lover. Her blog is so much into healthy desserts. Glamour Magazine describes Katie as the “Queen of healthy Desserts”. Katie has proved to be one of the best food and cooking recipe blogs and bloggers in the food universe and has been featured by The Today Show, Time, CNN, The Food Network and several others. In fact, The Huffington Post has selected Katie as the best healthy food Instagram accounts to follow. Everything in her blog is juts healthy.

7. Simply Recipes:

Simply Recipes

Simply Recipes was founded by Elise Bauer. She would publish her own personal recipes as well of those of her family. Elise was once suffering from chronic fatigue and as she was recovering in her parents’ home, she would document their cooking on Simply Recipes. Elise and her team often create recipes from scratch which are tested which are tested in their kitchens. Simply Recipes has a recipe box which can be shared with foodie. For all wholesome home cooked meals, Simply Recipes is a great place where you can learn to do it better.

8. Tartelette:


Helene Dujardin is the founder of the Tartelette. Helene is a former pastry chef, thus she is very talented in foods and cooking. She actually create Tartelette in order to share her food photography and recipes to the food enthusiasts. In her blog she shares many food styling ways and recipes that will just make you a pro in your kitchen. Most of her recipes are gluten free.

9. Gluten Free Girl:

Gluten Free Girl

Founded by Shauna James Ahern, Gluten Free Girl has many personalized stories and recipes that have been shared by the founder herself.  If you love eating gluten free foods, this blog is the perfect option for you. There are a lot of amazing videos and recipes that will inspire and give you a lot of information about you can go about preparing the best foods for your family. Additionally Shauna gives quality recommendations for gluten free lovers.

10. Damn Delicious:

Damn Delicious

Damn Delicious has a major focus on the simple ingredients. However, this blog provides very elegant meals and recipes that suit everyday cooking. There’s a whole range of advice on cooking available on the blog and very easy ways that you can go about cooking even when you feel you’re pressed for time. If you really want to stay organized in your kitchen, consider learning the simple but effective facts at Damn Delicious.

11. 101 Cookbooks:

101 Cookbooks

This blog was founded by Heidi Swanson who provides tips for the best healthy cooking. Most of the recipes here are vegetarian, well it’s a blog meant for healthy cooking. Blogs are often created by the team in the 101 Cookbooks and others are provided by Swanson. On the blog there are many amazing photos. Swanson shares her personal interests on meals and provides very easy-to-follow recipes for all seasons.

12. Food Wishes:

Food Wishes

Every amazing recipe that you really want can be found at the Food Wishes. The founder Chef John shares a wide range of recipes that re accompanied with videos. On the videos, John is able to share a gradual and detailed step of food preparation. Food Wishes makes food prep learning very easy and effective. With Chef John food preparation is the best thing you can learn.

13. Hemsley and Hemsley:

Hemsley and Hemsley

This is a food and cooking blog that was founded by two sisters, Jasmine and Melissa. Hemsley and Hemsley is a blog that champions for healthy meals. These two ladies are very innovative in creating healthy but very delicious meals that. They have proved that healthy cooking doesn’t have to be boring and have shared a lot of styles and creativity in home cooked meals. They have a TV series as well as several books, in which they have shared healthy cooking styles for delicious meals.

14. Green Kitchen Stories:

Green Kitchen Stories

As the name goes green, there is no doubt that this is a blog for healthy vegetarian recipes. All their recipes focus on natural ingredients and whole foods. The blog was founded by David and Luise who share very inspiring healthy cooking tips on the blog. Plenty of fruits and vegetables form a major part of their healthy meals and everything here is juts green and beautiful.

15. A Cozy Kitchen:

Acozy Kitchen

This blog was founded by Adrianna. If you love the Latin America background, then A Cozy Kitchen is the best for you. Most of the times Adrianna’s recipes are inspired by the Latin America. There are a lot of pastries and cakes.

16. Cake Wrecks:


Have you ever seen a lot of creativity incorporated in cakes? Cake Wrecks will surely prove to you that you haven’t seen creativity being used in the baling of cakes. The founder Jen Yates, collects all the funny and very creative cakes from users who submit snapshots. Jen Yate then handpicks the best and publishes them. If you are a cake lover and would want to amaze your family and friends with the best cakes, you should consider making Cake Wrecks your favorite blog for cakes. You will learn a lot and you can never exhaust all the creativity that is used to make these cakes.

17. Bakerella:


Founded by Angie Dudley, Bakerella is a great source for all baking tips and recipes. There are a lot of ways to decorate cakes that you can learn in the blog. Angie makes this blog fun for anyone who is interested in baking fancy cakes. Learning from someone who was inspired immediately after joining and introductory cake decorating class can be so amazing and easy. There are many recipes, desserts, decorating and stunning photos that will get you smiling and others will just amaze you. It really doesn’t have to be very difficult to be an expert baker, Bakerella is the best blog that you can use to perfect your skills even while at home.

18. Pinch My Salt:

Pinch My Salt

Pinch My Salt was founded by Nicole Hamaker, who posts very stunning and mouth-watering photos of recipes. Despite giving simple recipes, the tips that are provided in the blog are always great and easy to follow. Everything on the blog is well-organized thus making it very easy to navigate.

19. Our Food Stories:

Our Food Stories

Foodies have found their destination in Our Food Stories. It was founded by Laura and Nora who are very great in food styling. This duo share very many recipes and have a lot of stunning photos on the blog. Cakes and pastries seem to be their major concern on the blog, and all tips and recipes that are shared here are just awesome. Additionally all their recipes are gluten free.

20. Deliciously Ella:

Deliciously Ella

If you are looking for healthier cooking of everyday classics, Deliciously Ella is there for you. Most of the recipes do not have meat and have a lot of emphasis on the alternative ingredients and produce. Deliciously Ella teaches you to embrace and celebrate what you and do with the delicious plant based ingredients. There is a lot of creativity in these recipes and which are actually vegetarian, wheat and sugar free. This blog shows that it is very possible to use the plant based ingredients and make recipes that are very delicious and healthy.

21. Just A Taste:

Just A Taste

Just A Taste, is a blog where you can find inspiration for just very many tested recipes. There are photos posted step by step as tutorials and cooking videos that give you very clear instructions about how you can go about cooking. Its founder, Kelly Senyei is a professionally trained chef who can prepare virtually all recipes and do all food styles. These experience has been brought to this blog and thus it is worth being your favorite.

22. Worth the Whisk:

Worth The Whisk

Another great blog that was founded by Patti Londre who has a lot of experience in the food industry. In fact, Patti has been in the food industry since she was a teenager. Given this experience you can expect a lot of good stuff from this blog. Very easy recipes that can be followed to prepare delicious meals is what makes this blog one of the best in 2017. On the blog you will come across documented foodie trips and a lot of informative cooking content. There are lot of useful and fresh ideas that you juts cant exhausts as well as the bucket list travel destinations.

23. Adventures in Cooking:

Adventures in Cooking

Adventures in Cooking was founded by Eva who is a photographer and loves blogging about food. Eva provides her audience with very amazing recipes and photos that will make you hungry immediately. She shares her delicious meals that range from simple to the a bit complicated ones. Eva is so creative with her work, she makes sure that everyone has something. Whatever recipes you are looking for be sure to find them out there in Adventures in Cooking.

24. Oh She Glows:

Oh She Glows

Angela Liddon the founder of Oh She Glows, battled eating disorder at some point in her life. She found inspiration from the condition and started writing about healthy eating. Her blog attracts over one million readers every month. Most her recipes are gluten free and low of histamines. Her blog is focused on healthy cooking in which her recipes do not involve meat or any dairy. Oh She Glows is a great blog for all those who have taken a healthy eating journey.

25. Steamy Kitchen:

Steamy Kitchen

Founded by Jaden Hair, Steamy Kitchen is the prefect blog to find all the healthy recipes. All the recipes involve fresh ingredients that make the meal even healthier. The simplicity if the recipes isn’t something to be overlooked, there very easy to follow steps. Jaden is a professional recipe developer and a television chef. Her experience as a foodie is really something to rely on for quality and Healthy Recipes.


There are lot of best food and cooking recipe blogs out there on the web and finding the best one can be a bit challenging. The above list of the best food and cooking recipe blogs can make things easier for you when it comes to looking for a reliable blog. Am very sure you will be spoilt for choice.

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